Level 31-35

Comment your queries for Level 31 – 35 here.


41 thoughts on “Level 31-35

  1. @level 32: all names from the hall of fame present in klueless home page are in the grid, do we need to look for a specific person’s name for the answer?


    1. You cant find the method online. we have worked really hard to carve this in your own names. we had given out the question weeks ago. I dont see how we can help u with such a question, which has just one very difficult to think step. The answer is one word, you cant misspell it. trust me u neither need our help , nor we can help you.


      1. Plus clearly it is some kind of code/crypt/whateveritiscalled and obviously u cant find it online , so yeah there is no possible hint i can give u, its a one step process


  2. Level 32: getting sunAnD0tldvRSbchi, also getting 1207327. The number, when entered into Excel gives 12:00:00 am – the start time of klueless – this we knew before the official round started. so the bold text remains. Online anagram solvers are not helpful. Manual rearrangement too has been difficult – trying for long. Any help?


    1. Interesting observations all wrong direction.
      Also to others I have read all comments till 5:15 am bold letters are useful but all of you are in wrong directions


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