Level 21-25

Generic clue for 25:

Level is on word transformations.So don’t dig deep.

Find the right words to replace until you have only one clue left.

The person on Source code is not native speaker of english, he has his own language mixed here. Find those words.

Comment your queries for Level 21 – 25 here.


1,013 thoughts on “Level 21-25

      1. is it suez canal’s corodinates which connects mediterranian sea and red sea…image has both red C and blue background in it..


      2. well sir, i had a different comment awaiting modding , to which asked for a reply….but now that i have ur attention
        does image name derives -> greenwich
        keyword from pic-red sea
        by background u mean the blue colour i guess..
        anything to do with red sea chapter of 20000 leagues under the sea? from the new clues looks like that was a misdirection..
        title and source both points to 20000 leagues under the sea…
        Could you please mod the individual lines as you see fit…


      3. Greenwich is relevant , the book is relevant , u r looking for coordinates . I am not really modding too much because I want people to read this get it and move on. The best part of the game is yet to come. A very very open challenge.


      4. 1.so the deduction of the pic as red sea is wrong?
        2.or the chapter red sea from 20000 leagues is also wrong…
        3.so we need to connect greenwich with 20000 leagues and find a place and it’s coordinates?


      5. man…it’s 5:30 in the morning where i am!! i have office in 3 hours…i seriously don’t know if they are correct or that was just an insult !!
        i tried decimal and degree version of those coordinates but did not work!


  1. Level 25
    1. Is there url manipulation involved to get the said set of words in generic clue ?
    2. Jack sparrow with pic leads me to silver tongue. Relevant ?


  2. Level 25:

    1. You needed a “golden” ticket to visit the Chocolate Factory, and the movie on the right is the “golden” compass. Johnny depp was nominated for “golden” globes for both pirates of the Caribbean and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Right track?

    2. Do we need to delve into the Oompa-Loopma song?


  3. Level 25: Found a sort of consistent pirate speak translation.
    “I’m dishonest, and a dishonest lubber ye can always trust t’ be dishonest. Honestly, it’s th’ honest ones ye want t’ watch out fer, because ye can ne’er predict when they’re goin’ t’ do somethin’ incredibly addled”. Is this relevant?


  4. Level 25
    Using pirate speak translators, I identified the potential words to take away. Stupid and man . So I need to connect with the images ?


  5. lvl 25 – We get Johnny Depp’s relation through everything given. Lyra’s real name is Dakota which is a character played by him in Black Mass, source code gives a quote by Captain Jack Sparrow, i.e., Johnny Depp, and then he portrayed the role of willy wonka as well in CATCF.
    tried his name as the answer. didn’t work. on the right track or not?


  6. @25
    Me is omitted from the Quote mentioned in the Source Code as compared to the original Quore which starts from the word “Me”? Is this “Me” important in some way?


  7. @level 25

    1) The generic clue says find the right words and transform. Also jack sparrow is a not a native speaker of english. His father was from madagascar. – right track?
    2) Do we need to transform the source code dialogue to some other form?
    3) Do we need to pick words from source code based on come criteria?
    4) Do we need to transform the dialogue to http://pirates.wikia.com/wiki/Umshoko or pig latin?


  8. Level 25: (1) The oompa loompa are from Willy Wonka and the chocolate factory – the book was chrlie and the chocolate factory (2) The Golden Compass book was titled Northern Lights – Is it about a book that got adopted into a movie with a different name? – because only “me?” is mising in the source code hint, i am not able to apply the generic clue of word substitution. Is this the right direction? Please help. Also, request to reply to my posts faster – otherwise it is difficult to keep on a track.


  9. @lvl25..
    starting from scratch
    1. No Hints Here – init caps
    2. No hints here either – no init caps
    3. looking at left picture literally – twins / midgets / dwarfs
    4. right picture – girl
    5. source if johnny depp / jack sparrow
    6. Jack sparrow speaks umshoko / pig latin derivate

    right track? nudge pl


  10. level 25: got silver tongue/philip pullman language from his dark materials..relevant?
    cannot find any words to replace in the quote..pls nudge in right direction


  11. 24: there are only three places where greenwich is referred to in the book. One when a list of places is mentioned. second when ceylon is mentioned but that is a range of co-ordinates and the third is when they spot the monster mammal. the coordinates are latitude 42° 15′ north and longitude 60° 35′. I am converting these to decimals and adding them up like the Turkey level but it is not working…

    Please help


      1. So wrong co-ordinates then? Please help as am v v tired…. do i convert the same co-ordinates into decimals? or other co-ordinates? There are too many in the book but only this was is precise with reference to Greenwich


  12. Level 22.. Some hint please.. no idea about beyblade, are there different types of phantom blades? does the phantom blade directs us to a constellation name? 😦


      1. do we need to sum up the distance from earth to orion and earth to aquila, because both orion and aquila distances are not 5 digit numbers 😦 😦


  13. @24

    Hoplessly swimming in Red sea under 20000 leagues, and adding coodinates of every city nautius visited.

    is my ship sailing on track or sung in the dark? 😥


      1. Fresh start : sabrina teenage witch – witchcraft – musecum of witch craft in salem ? seems a dead end

        *modded* relevent?
        Droped *modded* : So any *modded* on the *modded*? Where comes the GMT ? 😥


      2. Looks like I completly last it.

        Some nudge on the location plase :

        1. Coordinantes in the book?
        2. Location on the book?
        3. Island in RedSea?
        4. Island look like C in the red sea? (tried Noraisland – dead end – something similar?)

        still off track?


  14. Level 23, spice + girl -> spice girls -> Victoria beckham -> Victoria (Place name), what does 1:2 means, can it be read as 1 is to 2 of Something? Is it a place name with two words and we need to take the first word?


  15. tried reading other comments but not much info though as its modded. Is this place somewhere in chapter “CAPTAIN NEMO’S THUNDERBOLT” of TTLUS? the source code gave hint of this.. some help please


  16. @24
    Yeah… we are still here. Somethings are just not meant to be, i guess… but we are still trying.. although the enthusiasm has dwindled to a low point..

    1. Left The Red Sea chapter in the book alone…
    2. all coordinates in plain sight accounted for – through the whole book
    3. should be looking for a place in the book?
    4. chapter name with coordinates didn’t work either
    5. should lat long with South and West be considered negative (although we have tried that recently for all plain sight coordinates)
    6. Any of the islands?? crespo, and others that many have already named
    7. Just a pair and not more than 2 coordinates to sum up right?
    8. Any round off required or will you be accepting xx.3888 and xx.3889?

    If you are still there… mod the post and let us know.


    1. I moved on… now how could that be… back door? or was it just the level design. This is ridiculous.. .and you can quote me on that. >:@


  17. @24

    Starting again :

    figured out different version online have differences in location mention in RedSea chapter.

    //situated between 10° and 14° 30′ north latitude, and 69° 50′ 72″ east longitude.//

    //located between latitude 10° and 14° 30′ north, and between longitude 50° 72′ and 69° east.//

    From the exisiting comments , assuming this is where the coordinates to be added , nudge on the relevent please….


  18. Lvl23: Read all comments still can’t find the connect.

    Should I go with Seychelles 1:2 or seychelles 1 colon 2 and search on google or is it Victoria for the first word?


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