Levels 6-10

Comment your queries for Level 6-10 here.


1,007 thoughts on “Levels 6-10

  1. Level 10, stuck on this .. god of thunder and flying, Raiden or japan god of thunder, how is Loop connected and year 24oo or 2424 please please help


  2. on the verge of quitting. Cant believe I am stuck @ lvl 10 for 1 full day. Have the following: Flying thunder God, It is connected to DC Universe, May be*mod*, 24xx is a year..but WHICH YEAR .. 2424, 2400,2418,2442. Please give a sitter hint. have goggled and googled and googled


  3. Level 10: Guys, I’m stuck at this level since last night. I know this is related to ***, does it have connection with Thor? is 24xx mean something happening in 25th century in DC universe? How is it related to **? Good hint please


      1. the ‘Secret Annexe’,Het Achterhuis,back-house
        Is the answer among these?
        If not! I want to time travel and die with **


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