Levels 6-10

Comment your queries for Level 6-10 here.


1,007 thoughts on “Levels 6-10

  1. on the verge of quitting. Cant believe I am stuck @ lvl 10 for 1 full day. Have the following: Flying thunder God, It is connected to DC Universe, May be*mod*, 24xx is a year..but WHICH YEAR .. 2424, 2400,2418,2442. Please give a sitter hint. have goggled and googled and googled


  2. Level 10: Guys, I’m stuck at this level since last night. I know this is related to ***, does it have connection with Thor? is 24xx mean something happening in 25th century in DC universe? How is it related to **? Good hint please


      1. the ‘Secret Annexe’,Het Achterhuis,back-house
        Is the answer among these?
        If not! I want to time travel and die with **


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