Levels 16-20

Comment your queries for Level 16-20 here.


718 thoughts on “Levels 16-20

  1. l19 anything to do with starbucks working with alibaba to open in china ? in 2019? any jack ma connections to rabbit hole through?


  2. is the answer a proper noun or a number?
    is the answer a food item(snack) which has another more significant use or reference like Mars bars


  3. lvl 19: I am not a Snack, I am a Garden.
    Connecting it to *, we get the * (*)
    Tried all variations of this, didn’t work.
    Kindly nudge in the right direction.


      1. All i have is
        1) * (BTW i just realised that the first five words can be anagrammed into *.. lol.. thats irrelevant)
        2) i know *…. any relevant except *?
        3) * is irrevelant i guess.
        4) not a snack

        I dont think now i left anything.


      1. So i have *modded* possibly….but how to connect it with the source…or the “*modded*” from source is already done.
        Can you guys give a solid hint….how to move forward from this.
        I can only think of *modded*…from “*modded*”
        The comments are not helping as half of them are modded


  4. L19) It’s been too much time on this level. Pls give yes or no answers
    1) Is * some how related?
    2) Are we looking for a snack / candy / confectionery ?
    3) If yes, is the name in some other language?
    4) Does the number * has any connection?


      1. @20 : Everything seems to point to Roger Moore. Is he the answer…
        I think I have figured out everything but unable to get what to key in…
        A solid push please…


  5. I seem to be only one stuck @17

    I have ** from friends. Unable to connect her to a snack.

    Is A-B just one? or i need to subtract something else?

    Is OMG still relevant after getting to janice?

    Tried scone, candy hearts, sweet hearts as answer nothing seem to work


  6. @l18

    unorthodox episode 7 of the good wife
    blackout episode 7 of friends
    dumpling episode 7 of big bang

    we have 24 episode 7 as 6:Am to 7 am

    right track?

    what is the answer format?


    1. I get i need to average some thing in dd mmm yyyy format. But how do I average the months? I know the dates for all the four episodes but confused about the averaging especially the months


      1. Tried but not clearing. Do i need to average the four dates or just add them up? and I am still not sure of the final fromat of the answer?


  7. @lvl19 are the clues pointing to seven wonders of the world.
    alibaba-wall of china
    lima- macchu picchu
    king abdullah of jordan’s family-petra
    mexican soccer fans-chchen itza
    juggernaut/rath yatra-taj mahal?
    is this right direction?


  8. Level 16- Cuba, USA, turkey, Russia are the countries… Combined with battle leads to Cuban Missile crisis.. right direction? What is the answer format?


  9. @19 : Got till 7 wonders and romo colloseum reference is missing, trying varions of country place in english in italian ( 😛 ) not gets me anywhere.

    And is image map pointing to Level20 relevent??


  10. @Level 16 : Some hints please. Here is what i have –

    1. Cigars -> tobacco -> could be cuba
    2. Russian dolls (Does the number 5 has any significance?)
    3. Mosque in Istanbul -> Turkey
    4. National Anthem of USA

    The only war i could find involving 2,3,4 was World war, is it a war or a small battle in it?


  11. @Level 19, I guess they all point to New 7 wonders of the world. Is the answer related to Colosseum? Any synonym of that? or related to the city Rome? Some hint please, am i going to far


      1. i tried giving that but not working, is this group of 7 wonders also called by some other name? i am not sure but i don’t think anything is missing, the source code was pointing to Colosseum maybe as it doesn’t have any roof


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