Levels 11-15

Comment your queries for Level 11-15 here.


2,072 thoughts on “Levels 11-15

  1. level 14, have the elements but not clear what to do with them. Went through all comments, but no luck. Been stuck since last night, please help with a hint


  2. @Lvl 15:


    1. GodFather series Release Years , 1972,1974,1990 : last two with 16 years gap roman alps of I,II,III, years , diffrences all dead end

    2. On Other route, Moon -> Lunar -> version of Eclipse IDE (yeah! that desparate i am) Luna is 4.4.2 : Not working

    anything near the track? Nudge Please 😦


  3. L14: Trying to unscramble all the 23 letters to get one word. Puzzleheadedness is the longest word and bullheadedness is 14 letter word. How many letters needed? Stuck for a long time


  4. Hi guys,

    Am stuck at level 11,
    i figure its a two step decoding process
    used old mobile keypads to decode the letters, stuck at the next step.
    hints please. how to identify which cipher to use. Thanks


  5. @Level 14 : Is the answer a one word oxymoron created by unscrambling the elements associated with the members on the team page? right direction?


      1. Tried to decode Keh Ke lunga with old method that gives “553344 5533 555886642” but it’s not answer. why I can’t see the answer in front of me!!!


      2. Level 11: Still not able to crack it, tried all the ciphers for second level decryption but not getting the answer. some good hint please.


  6. stuck on L11 since yesterday. Voila! You got me Klueless!


    cashiedaba by t9 from 2274433222
    monkkywn by t9 from 666559996
    molliigo from 665554446
    mac from 62255
    jjjaba from 555555222
    efflid from 333543

    got deignncabe from 33446662223

    Am i even on the right track? 🙄

    Read about caeser in previous comments and keh ke lunga.


  7. Level 11: Mods – Stuck on this level since last night. Got the “okyolinbkllcfjgd” through old SMS method and know that this needs to be decrypted further. Have already tried caesar cipher and some others but not getting correct answer. F1, F1, F1.

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