Levels 1-5

Comment your queries for Level 1-5 here.


548 thoughts on “Levels 1-5

  1. I have Bloomingdale’s upscale showroom at 59th street NYC ( central park link ) and Ralph Lauren’s association with it for 50 years . Yant Phutson , I am guessing should be one of the top ranks bestowed or one of the top products by Ralph Lauren , am I on the right track ? Any nudges ?


    1. If not norman tattoo or heart tattoo which tattoo? No one got the tattoo in friends other than them. The common one forces me to think, what’s common between friends?


  2. @lvl 5 :

    Friends – rachel – tatoo – heart tatoo – norman – variations of rachel’s character name, variations of actress name, green heart combinations – nothing worked.

    some nudge please!!


  3. Help with Level 4,please. I’ve got the following numbers. Are these all correct? 0 6 2, 1 ? 3, 5 12 8.
    Is the middle one pointing at the last movie of a series, related to these numbers?


  4. Level 3
    Reached little boy and fat man. Do we need the bombs or periodic table or some other elements? Stuck for a while. Or maybe just the countries?


  5. Level 4 : Hey Guys I have 0(ZERO) 1(RAONE) 2(TWOBROKEGIRLS) 3(THREE) 4(GOBLETOFFIRE) 5(ORDEROFTHEPHOENIX) 8(OCEANS EIGHT) (LOONEY TUNES) (13 ??)(THE LAST SPPUER) What do the numbers signify ?? What else apart from the numbers is a hint you can give me ??


      1. Daaannngggggg IT !!! I almost Felt Cheated !! i just reached level 5 ! Nice Play Klueless Thanks for the hint scarecrow1123


  6. Nudge on level 1, i got the morse code output, but stuck on how to decode it. I arrived at GOT and Cher Mike link using ROT cypher but as per other comments not the right direction. Some solid nudge please


  7. So I’ve picked on the Nagasaki
    The aai and tried 2 difference between the 94 and 92 of plutonium and uranium .. now I know it’s a number wish I had read the threads before but that isn’t fun .. but what ugh


      1. Yes. This I know. I decoded the Braille. I got ” ‘the ‘tra vel ler “. I presumed, since there are spaces between the words, it could be “space traveler”. And the page name has “Not Dice”. Other comments suggested it could be a game name. So I tried entering the answer as “Tetris” “Brick game” also “the space traveler”. Nothing worked. Am I going in right direction? Is it a game name? or is it the astronaut’s name?


      2. It is a person’s name. Ignore the spaces. Traveler is the word. Instead of space, try some other relevant word, then google and you’ll get the answer.


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